Tuesday, June 15, 2004

  message to my readership

hello i am rugby and i am a rat. sometimes ppl write to me and ask why i dont update my blog more often. the answer is twofold.

first unlike many of my readers apparently, i HAVE A LIFE with many hobbies such as food and biting on things. also i am intristed in contemporary geopolitics and am a valued contributor on little green footballs where they know me by name.

second uncle bob is ALWAYS HOGGING THE COMPUTER to look for pictures of wieners and i dont mean the hebrew national® kind if you catch my drift.

I don't think you really needed to share that, Rugby.

oh as if it is news to anyone. but thank you for the grapes in my blue bowl earlier. can i give you a kiss on the ear?

Aw... sure.

um, shoulder? i am not a chiropteran that can just fly up there

Er, where do you learn these big words?

you know i am from an intellectually gifted fambly. my great-grandfather was a stunt rat for the crispin glover remake of willard and my great-great-great-grandmother was actively involved in scientific research.

Really? You never told me that.

it's true. she could figure out which lever to push for cocaine faster than ANYONE

I see. Well, anyway, give me a kiss...

*mwah!* now leave plz i am blogging


anyway, between these two things it is not always easy to find opportunities for blogging. i will try to make new updaets whenever i can.

ps. just to be clear, even though uncle bob and i are roommates, i only date girls.

pps. i mean girl RATS not big hairless she-primates.

ppps. if you are a lady rat plz write to me. your X photo gets mine.

Rugby the Rat was an intellectually gifted representative of the species Rattus norvegicus; now he dwelleth on a higher plane and aspires to become a member of the Hindu pantheon. But he still likes food.

Rugby plays a tiny violin Send mail to Rugby and Uncle Bob

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