Saturday, October 23, 2004


hello i AM Rugby and i am a RAT and did you know that "rat" is an analgram of ART?! well it is true! but if you have trouble with the anagramming, you'll have to wrok it out for yourself later, because right now we are goign to do ARTS N CRAFTS!!!
okay FRIST!!! you will need some paper. now you can buy parper at the store but i am an eco-conscious rat so i RECYCLE!!! after all, we rats will be here capering about in teh fersh air long after you talking monekeys have vaporized yourslelves or evolved into limbless sedentary couch salamanders, so it's improtant to keep mother earth PRETTY!! Uncle bob adds: "Be kind to trees, sweety darligns!!" whatever that means.
so anyway, there are MANY sources of paper to recycle for arts-n-carfts. A nice glossy piece of papper came to our apartment door just today! all by itself!!! On the front it said:

VOTE Democratic
Jim MORAN for Congress

okay that seemed reasonable. uncle Bob, who is smarter than most primates just liek i am mroe intellectual than most RATS, told me that you should vote for the Candidate, not for the praty, because even if you mostly agree more w/ the Democrats than teh repubLICNs or vice versa, there is sometiems a MAVERICK worth votign for.
that good advice notwithstandign, on the back of the flyer it said:

Jim Moran is a strong voice against the misguided and irresponsible policies of the Bush-Cheney Administration

well!! as you may know, uncle Bob and I supprot the re-election of President bush because (a) republican starts with R and so does Rugby, and (b) it is a proven FACT that the wife of john kerry, namely teresa Hinezez-kerrY, makes ketchup from liquified rats!!!
in light of tihs, i asked Uncle bob if i could use this paper to reclycle for CRADFTS??!? and he said yes okay. so now we are ready for
STEP TWO!!! which is to get some sis scizzo schizo scisssors and cut the paper into NICE SHAPES! now you can make whatever shape you want. since it is getting to be wintertime, here are some instructions to maek SNOWFLAKES -- amazingly they come out all hexagony like real snowflakes even though you strat with a square?!?! those wily Japs!


well the techniqwe is from oralgummy, isnt it??

Yes, the method of producing a six-sided design by folding a square sheet of paper comes from origami -- I learned to make paper snowflakes this way when I lived in Okinawa as a kid. But that doesn't mean you ca--

so ANYWAY as i was saying befroe uncle buttinsky INTERRPUPTED MY POST, here is how to fold and cut the paper snowfalkes:

Origami snowflake instructions

(i remember snow from last year when I was still little, and uncle bob let me crawl in teh snow on the widnowsill. it was white just like my fur and it made my little pink feet, my long pink tail, and my LARGE TESTES feel cool and minty...)
but althogh paper snoqwflakes are VERY PRETTY, i had ohter plans for the VOTE Democratic recylced paper. uncle bob helped me with the cuttign because they do not make scissrors in rat-size but it was MY DESIGN!!! when it was done we put it on the door for the neighbors to admire! here is a photo:

W: 4 more

"W: 4 More" Design ©2004 ♥ Rubgy the Rat!! ♥

UPDATE!!!! reader sarah d. writes in the commints section:

You have inspired me. I'm going to make my own sign today!

thnak you for the nice words SARAH! If you want to take a digital pictuer of your SIgn when it is finshed, plz email it to us the link is to the right --->

Rugby the Rat was an intellectually gifted representative of the species Rattus norvegicus; now he dwelleth on a higher plane and aspires to become a member of the Hindu pantheon. But he still likes food.

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